Field Services: CPE Deployment Services

19 Jun

You can extend your business worldwide by using field service solutions. You can even get CPE deployment services according to your business’s needs. Field Engineer is the best place for this purpose.

What Is CPE Deployment?

CPE (customer-premises equipment) means any telecom hardware located at the customer’s business or home instead of the service provider's location. It can include telephone sets, cable boxes, internet routers and other such devices. Telcos (telecommunication companies) and VARs (value-added resellers) usually use these services to get the necessary equipment installed.

Types of CPE Deployment

CPE deployment for wireless devices includes LAN (local area network) controllers and access points. Wireless connections are necessary for businesses these days as they allow easy work accessibility from anywhere.

Another equipment type for CPE installation is hardware, which includes UPS (uninterrupted power source), computers and printers. The right kind of hardware is crucial to run a modern business.

How We Can Help

We provide CPE services through our extensive network of experienced engineers. They install devices and conduct tests for connectivity to ensure you get the best service. In addition, they troubleshoot problems that may occur after installation. For deployment of servers, switches, access points and routers, Level 1 and 2 engineers are commonly used.

If you want to extend your business worldwide by providing this service to customers, visit Field Engineer and learn more about field service solutions.

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